Friday, June 15, 2012

Traffic Fine Information : Any Time , Any Where

One of My Friend has developed an interesting and useful Android app on "Traffic Fines in India". He got this idea when he was stopped by the traffic police and charged Rs.300 when the legal fine amount was just Rs.100. He came to know about the overcharging after He checked online. He did not want you to go through the same experience and hence made this simple app.
1. "FREE" to download and use
2. No internet access or phone signal required! "100% offline access"
3. Updated information on offenses, fines and relevant sections of theMotor Vehicle Act
4. Very easy and quick to use
5. 4 cities - "Bengaluru, Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad" supported now. More
cities coming soon!
You can download this very useful app (free) here on the official Google
Play Android market:
Simply scan the QR code from your phone:
Please download the app, use it and give me your comments, suggestions at If you find it useful, please recommend it to your

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